World Class Spa Vamizi Island

Body and Soul, Mind and Spirit – Vamizi Island is basically one big Mozambique spa. Care for the whole YOU, both above and below the water. Luxurious massages and first class energy and body treatments will enliven your being. Try super customized yoga sessions, reflexology, and heated herbal stone massage. Read all about the treatments available in this world-class spa below.


Pamper yourself with the bouquet of beauty treatments available at Vamizi Island in the Quirimbas Archipelago. Discreet health and wellness specialists ease your stresses and bring the island’s secrets to you. Nurture your yin and yang –  absorb the sea’s blue energies and the sun’s warmth and light.


Doing yoga on a beach on a veritable Robinson Crusoe island is unreal and highly beneficial. See stunning scenery and look inside at the new you. Choose uniquely Vamizi beauty therapies created using natural recipes from local island women. Therapists have conjured up some of their own ocean-inspired remedies taking minerals ground from Vamizi Island rocks, seaweed and salt – for scrubs, masks and baths.


For a hands-on pampering session, indulge in Indian head massage, deep tissue, Swedish and aromatherapy massage. Individual spa treatments take place in the privacy of guests’ villa. Unique scrubs and polishes have been designed with ultimate care and research for the body, mind, spirit – and of course the planet.


Go for the Intonga Amasatchi stick massage which uses African therapeutics to treat your skin. A deep tissue massage relaxes tight muscles and assists with lymph drainage. The Bespoke Yoga Body Massage works with the meridians of the body and the muscles. Harnessing the powerful and respected knowledge of Indian yoga, therapists use pressure to activate the body’s natural energy before massaging and stretching all limbs.

*Please note that particular therapists may occasionally not be available, so make sure you check with us directly to avoid disappointment.