Best Mozambique Island Resort


This picturesque island is everyone’s dream holiday. So say many intrepid travellers regarding the best island in the Quirimbas Archipelago. What makes Vamizi Island better than the rest? This is not a trick question but a thought-provoking one that opens up a long conversation about Mozambique, islands in the sun, remote solitude and exquisite environmental beauty.

Decadent privacy in 6 huge villas

Since Vamizi became another &Beyond tourism destination, it has flourished into something delightfully decadent. It now ranks as one of Mozambique’s best island resorts. There are now only six huge, elegant villas with incredible views of the beach and which also come complete with private chef, butler and other friendly staff. Come and stay as a big family group and choose a villa so private you can party all day and dance all night and you will not see other people at all.

Outdoor activities galore

The activities never end: there are picnics to the lighthouse or pack champagne and lobster for the bay at the other side of the island. Welcome to one of the best scuba diving locations in the world and a place where incredible deep sea fishing is part of your daily holiday life. Try out fantastic water sports including sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and many more. Or settle for something really relaxing –  massages, yoga and visits to the village with the conservation team. You will find it very difficult to leave this blissful life when your holiday winds down…

Surreal other-worldly beauty

Many visitors to Vamizi feel that it is undoubtedly among the most beautiful places in the world, comparable to the isles of Madagascar and Seychelles. In a nutshell the beaches, crystal clear water, and chalet accommodations are amazing. And the diving is some of the best you will ever experience if you are a keen pro diver. The trip to Neptune’s Arm lasts about an hour and swells can be very high but when you arrive, you are treated to amazing walls and schools of various reef fish in huge numbers.

Island beach bliss

If you love beach holidays and have day dreamed about finding the perfect quiet island with clean soft powder sand, amazing water – that feels like your own, then Vamizi island is that dream holiday. There are 6 gorgeous spacious villas on the island, so spread out that you do not see any other guests unless you go looking for company.

Your villa faces the ocean and you can walk onto the beach from the decking. There were so many highlights of staying – spotlessly clean beaches and sea; stylish, spacious and comfortable accommodation; a lovely team of people to look after you; great picnics set up anywhere you choose on the island; private kayaking, cycling and snorkelling trips; amazing food and wine given the remote location – and everything included in your package price so that you don’t have to pay any extras when you leave.

Fly in on a charter, to paradise

Never have you flown over endless white beaches and turquoise blue sea to get anywhere like you have to in Mozambique. From that moment when you enter your private villa, you truly feel like you are in castaway on a desert island. The beaches and the sea are stunning, the villas are just gorgeous (we managed to visit most of them) and the staff are very attentive. Tuck into lobster, and giant prawns, fresh fish and fruit daily. Absolutely fabulous and totally unspoilt, the beaches just take your breath away.

Book your villa today and bring the entire family for an escape into a magical wilderness. Enjoy a luxury holiday in comfort with staff to handle your every need. Ask us about our packages for every season and we will tailor make yours today.

Mozambique Island Treasures

Special Offers Vamizi

Find millions and zillions of Mozambique island treasures in the Quirimbas Archipelago when you book an awesome summer holiday at Vamizi Island. Place of true solitude and natural beauty, this crescent-shaped island is as remote as you can get, yet still promises you hours of bliss as you set off on your personal treasure hunt. Island treasures are there to be found on Vamizi so get out your camera and start the hunt.

Wild creatures play here

The minute you fly over Vamizi from Pemba in northern Mozambique, you know that you have arrived in a very special destination. Place of turtles and whales, dolphins and sea birds, coconut crabs, samango monkeys and myriad other wild creatures, this is also a place where you can find true luxury in accommodation right on the seafront. Find 6 huge elegant villas with endless ocean views ready for you and your loved ones. Honeymoon couples often book an entire villa to themselves to lose themselves in nature, peace and complete privacy.

A treasure hunt for gems

Your treasure hunt begins with a walk on the beach and a dive beneath the warm waves of the turquoise Indian Ocean. Seek gemstones in the coral reefs when you dive or snorkel and look for diamonds in every sunrise when you sip that freshly brewed coffee every morning. Sapphire sunsets, topaz mornings and ruby afternoons – what could be better than a Mozambique treasure island with no one else around except you, your private butler, a talented chef and a driver willing to take you to explore yet more pearls along the way.

Villas with mod cons

Your spacious villa alone is a treasure chest of en-suite rooms, individually decorated, open plan living areas with useful entertainment and technology, a library, tree houses, private decks with infinity swimming pools, sun beds and covered areas in which to hide from the sun. Stroll down to the beach for a swim then dine on the deck on fresh seafood and coconut. Bring the children to play in nature all day long, sleeping deeply as the moon rises above them later.

Open this treasure chest and be surprised

Vamizi Island is one huge treasure chest. Open its gilded lid and find there glittering gems and diamonds that last forever. Memories of you picnicking on remote beaches under tall palm trees as birds flit overhead and whales frolic before you. Suntans to take back home from that time you tried stand up paddle boarding then a bit of kite surfing around the island. Or stronger arms from all the kayaking and yoga on the beach every morning. This is what a treasure island should offer you and this is what Vamizi offers you – holistic health in a breath-taking environment.

Long stay special package

Check out this special deal for summer: stay for 7 nights with your beloved and get to know Vamizi like your own home. Enjoy all meals, drinks, laundry and land transfers, plus your own special butler to wait on you hand and foot. Great value for money on an island where shoes are kicked off the minute you arrive and conservation of all living things the theme of your summer vacation.

Come and discover something new, something awe-inspiring and something out of this world: Vamizi Island attracts celebrities and seasoned travellers, families and business groups – similar people who want excellent service in a special and beautiful part of East Africa. Mozambique island holidays are treasure chests bursting at the seams and we want you to come and experience it! Click here for more information.

Survivor in Paradise


Getting Rich on Holiday – Vamizi Island

It is uncanny how the wealthy get easy access to magnificent places in deepest darkest Africa to renew their souls and tone their bodies! But that can be you too… Just raid the bank, talk to some travel consultants and get on a plane to Mozambique. For this coastal African country has it all: long white beaches, clear blue oceans harbouring diverse marine life and corals, remote islands still untouched by human greed and all kinds of exciting urban social life and architectural brilliance.

“As others have said, this place is not easy to get to, but boy is it worth it!” Join Tripadvisor in rating Vamizi Island as a specialty lodging, worth a Certificate of Excellence…

Survivor tactics needed

There is virtually no way to find fault with Vamizi. The only drawback, if you can call it that, is that there are no commercial flights to this remote destination which forces intrepid holiday makers to charter a private plane. Of course, this adds on to the overall cost of your holiday – so find some friends and add value to your holiday in paradise.  O yes, another downside to your Vamizi vacation is that you have to leave. And cherish your experience forever.

Choose to Be Really Alone

Vamizi Island is the kind of place where you need to open all six senses to immerse yourself holistically in a place brimming with natural beauty. If you love beach holidays and have always dreamed about finding the perfect quiet island with clean soft powder sand and turquoise waters, then choose Vamizi Island. Your private space becomes your alone haven. Yes, Vamizi island is that dream holiday.

Family- sized Decadence

Book one of only 6 huge private beach villas to understand what authentic holidays in Mozambique should really feel like. On the other side or the coin, it may be a good idea to invite your close family or friends – who also love solitude, breath-taking scenery and opulent accommodation – to fill all the spaces in this 6-roomed villa. You even get your own chef, a driver with a jeep and other friendly house staff. This must be a dream holiday – no cleaning, no cooking, no driving!!  To crown it all, your bedroom faces the ocean and you can walk onto the beach from the glorious decking around a huge infinity pool.

Some unforgettable Vamizi highlights

  • Fantastic gourmet picnics set up anywhere you wish on the island – forget about sandwiches, this basket is brimming with lobster, couscous and champagne
  • Excellent quality food and wine, all included with the activities, for a home away from home experience
  • Spotlessly clean beaches and crystal clear sea – something to cherish forever
  • Charming, elegant and very comfy accommodation with friendly helpers whenever you need them
  • Tailor made kayaking, cycling and snorkel trips into the island wilderness and beyond

Food Glorious Food

Tuck into your first meal of lobster and know that you have come home. Lunch the next day on giant prawns straight from the ocean depths and feel like royalty – and so your holiday goes on, day by day, a blur of gastronomic bliss. Let your own chef know what you love to eat, and your every whim will be catered for.

“Our Villa (Casamina) was wonderful and on a perfect beach spot and we had no intention of leaving, however we gave in to the idea of picnics around the island and we were not disappointed, in fact we found even better spots on the Island which we didn’t think possible!! “

Passionate People

You never see another guest but highly qualified and committed staff are on hand to remind you that you are being looked after. Book massages on your sunny deck, learn heaps of interesting facts about the conservation on Vamizi from dedicated environmentalists based on the island. Explore the natural forests and mangroves in the hope you will see huge Coconut crabs and Samango monkeys. Walk the silent beaches at night seeking turtles laying eggs in the sand.

Feel the Authentic Beauty

Feel as if you are part of nature on Vamizi Island and allow the island to talk back to you. Snorkelling, kayaking, dolphin and whale ocean quests, game fishing excursions and out-of-this-world diving adventures. The best part about your holiday on Vamizi Island is the lack of technology – no televisions, air-conditioning and internet. Only time to really appreciate the starry skies, the turtles laying eggs on the beach, the sound of myriad birds greeting the dawn, the sound of silence… learn what it really means to be rich.

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The Best Things to See in Vamizi


When you arrive on Vamizi Island, one of the best things you will see is, of course, the shape of the island and the colour of its surrounding blue Indian Ocean. Flying in to land on this crescent shaped isle is magical, and you feel as if you don’t want to disturb this postcard perfect picture of a blissful Mozambique beach destination. Staying here for a week or so, in Vamizi’s embrace, will disturb you – but in positive ways…

Choose things to see and do

We believe that there are many best things to see on Vamizi Island and the choice is yours – see them all or choose a few to see if time is short. Starting with the great outdoors and the environment of ocean and beaches, see the white sands for what they are – a place to lay your hat and relax; a place to leave your footprints as you stroll along seeking cowrie shells. Yes, one of the best things to see at Vamizi is turtle prints in the white sand, proof that the newly-hatched babies have made it to the ocean.

One of the best things to see is a turtle

Bet you didn’t know that Vamizi Island is an important destination for both the Green and Hawksbill Turtles, both listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)as either endangered or critically endangered? The turtles arrive in season to lay clutches of up to 150 eggs in one sitting but they are threatened by fate and human behaviour. Turtles are sadly poached for their meat and shells and are often caught in fishermen’s nets and drowned. And plastic waste in seas often chokes these amazing creatures to death.

Conservation cooperation

But now the Maluane Project, the Vamizi Island Project and the WWF Partnership, protects these turtles as roleplayers seek to combine tourism with wildlife conservation and community development to protect this unspoilt area. The Vamizi Island Project aims to help local villagers beat the cycle of poverty and improve daily life, conserving marine life at the same time.

You will be seeing some of the best things this way, as conservation is increasingly important now in times of extreme climate change. &Beyond has started a novel approach to marine protection with a new programme which aims to link 3 of their Indian Ocean lodges to help conserve 2000km of rare coastline. This Oceans without Borders initiative links Vamizi to Benguerra and Mnemba Islands where tourism is picking up and the call of the wilderness is strong.

Top class diving to see rare marine animals

You can also don scuba diving gear to get closer to interesting and rare fish while seeing some of the world’s best coral reefs ever. Vamizi happens to be rated as one of the top 10 dive sites in the world where you can explore the famous Neptune’s Arm and other amazing dive sites where few divers adventure at one time. Check out the guided snorkelling excursions too or take a private picnic into a quiet cove and enjoy the sunshine with your partner.

Chic villas for decadent living

Seeing is believing so come and see the mind-boggling beauty and decadence of the newly upgraded 6 spacious private villas on Vamizi Island. With names like Casamina, Kipila, Marjani, Papilio, Suluwilo and Tartaruga, these enormous chalets have private beach access, five to six en-suite bedrooms, swimming pools and decks, entertainment areas and technology, libraries and fully-equipped kitchens. But you won’t need to cook as your private chef will do that for you and your personal butler will serve and clean for you!

Come and see the whales while you enjoy a real escape from the daily grind. Find yourself in the arms of island decadence when you stay longer at Vamizi Island and get up to 30% off with our super 7-night package from US $ 10 395 per couple. Pack those bags, grab your hat and come and lay it on the deck of a huge Vamizi Villa.


Cleanse Your Soul at Vamizi Island

Vamizi Private Island

The stunning country of Mozambique, on the East Coast of Africa, is a place of many wonders. The superb choice of holiday resorts is second to none, and for many people the best lie among the islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago, a chain of small islands off the North-East coast of the country. Situated in the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean, ringed by glorious white sand beaches and stunning coral reefs, is the spectacular and tranquil island paradise that is Vamizi Island, a holiday destination that cannot be beaten

Vamizi Island offers a chance to experience genuine peace and tranquillity, with a selection of luxuriously appointed villas dotted around the island in the most impressive locations. Each offers access to the superb beaches, and offers astonishing levels of luxurious accommodation. Guests get the use of a private chef and hospitality team who will help you with any requirements you have, and you will revel in sheer idyllic nature of this quite unique and untouched island. Perfect for families or couples looking for the ultimate romantic retreat, you can also take advantage of spa facilities on the island and much more besides.

Diving and snorkelling are a must – the coral reefs are stunning and the marine life living here unique – and can be arranged by the team on the island, while other activities available include kayaking, dhow cruises, nature walk and excellent game fishing, plus the opportunity to embark on whale watching expeditions in-season. With more than 20 years experience in arranging packages to the island nobody can offer you personal experience and expertise of Vamizi Island like we can, and we can possibly arrange for discounts of as much as 15% on some packages.

With a team of expert travel consultants who know the island better than anybody we are perfectly placed to help you book the dream holiday of a lifetime on this amazing private island, so you can bask in the splendour of a place that will take your breath away. You can choose to spend all your time on Vamizi Island or we can book trips to the mainland for you if you wish, or to explore other islands nearby. Why not give us a call right away and we will help book the holiday of a lifetime.

Mozambique Dining Experience

Vamizi Island Kitala private dining

The variety of food at Vamizi Island, in the spectacular Mozambique Quirimbas Archipelago, is fantastic. Fresh from the sea seafood bought from local fishermen as well as plenty of meat and vegetarian dishes make eating at this island destination a sublime experience.

Chefs spend time on the food and the presentation rivals top European restaurants. Seafood lovers will be spoilt with tropical ingredients and the sea breaks on the shore as diners indulge.

During the day, guests can eat in the semi-formal thatched open dining room in the main lodge, or choose to retreat to Muntu Nkulu, a new castaway restaurant open during the winter season on the south side of the island – for a buffet and total relaxation.

Breakfasts include continental treats including muffins, cheese and meat. Chefs also fry your usual bacon, sausage and egg breakfasts, cooked to your liking. Lunch is a buffet of salads, fresh seafood and sushi, meat and hot options such as pizza, lasagna, prawns and rice. Rich and light desserts complete the feast.

Diners can also take the total desert island approach – alone with a ship-wrecked picnic on some deserted beach!

In the evening, the scene is set with flickering lights from torches on the beach. Guests meander over to the main lodge to mingle with staff and chat about their experiences over pre-dinner cocktails. Fresh fish and seafood is served alongside a small selection of wines: think of an amazing crab curry, fine surf and turf or crayfish the size of lobsters.

Try glamorous barbeque grills on the beach or relax at the bar on dozens of cushions and sofas – a heavenly experience.

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Vamizi Island Family Holidays


Vamizi Island is a natural playground for children and adults. Fun in the Mozambique sun with so many toys, young people thrive on this safe, private family holiday in the Quirimbas Archipelago. They play with kayaks, traditional sailboats, snorkels and masks, windsurfers and fishing gear.

How exciting to see Humpback whales breaching, turtles nesting, samango monkeys chattering and hundreds of resident bird species flitting! The bright pretty corals and teeming colourful fish are a child’s wonderland.

Vamizi Island is a haven for families because a gently shelving beach makes the perfect sandy, sunny playground.  and plenty of sunshine make Vamizi Island a haven for parents and children. The sea is calm, the water is warm and toddlers will revel in all the small and wondrous things to see and feel and taste and hear.

The living is very easy on a Vamizi Island family adventure. Three villas or Kitalas have been specifically designed as family rooms. Large double (possible triple) bedrooms link up to a central decked lounge. All beds have quality mosquito nets – despite Vamizi falling into a low- risk malarial area. Babysitters can be arranged at night.

Vamizi Island welcomes children and families. For one of your best ever Mozambique island holidays, book a family chalet and allow the local staff to attend to your every need. Visit the lighthouse for an adventure in paradise or take a walk where nature guides will help children discover the island’s natural wonders: exotic birds, monkeys and giant coconut crabs.

Fishing trips and sea cruises are a full-on marine biology lesson. Watch the amazing varieties of deep sea fish swimming in the depths. Marvel at dolphins or flying fish sometimes right next to the boat. Scuba instructors can also introduce slightly older children to their first experiences underwater whether snorkelling or diving.

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Quirimbas Archipelago Mozambique Islands

Aerial view of Vamazi Island

The Quirimbas Archipelago consists of an extensive cluster of more than 30 islands lying off the north-eastern Mozambican coast close to Pemba. The islands – including Ibo, Matemo, Medjumbe, Quirimba, Metundo, Quisiva and Rolas Islands – stretch for about 200 miles and are renowned for their top class diving sites, some of which boast extraordinary drop-offs of up to 400 meters in some instances.

This remarkable group of islands supports high coral diversity, mangroves, seagrasses, sand and rocky shores. Each ecosystem supports unique and rare creatures including turtles, crab plovers and migratory birds. The Quirimbas Archipelago is also a crucial nursery for Bottlenose dolphins and Humpback whales and has been named a key global biodiversity site for this Eastern African Marine Ecoregion.

The Quirimbas National Park was therefore established in 2002 and spans an area of 7 500 km² around the 11 most southerly islands which are partly surrounded by mangroves. The park also protects exceptional coastal forest and rich coral reefs where turtles, dugongs and hundreds of fish species breed and play. More than 50 types of corals have been recorded here, including the St Lazarus Bank – a world-class diving spot, 42 nautical miles off the coast.

Today, many of the islands are deserted and unpopulated despite originally supporting traditional fishing settlements, followed by Arab trading posts which fared well under the Portuguese trading routes. But the Quirimbas National Park promotes resource protection for local communities as well as ecotourism development. It is hard to believe that wild animals still hunt and feed in these parts: elephant, leopard, buffalo, lion and African hunting dog.

The Quirimbas Archipelago clearly illustrates the different cultural influences that merged in the region over a period of several hundred years. The present Swahili culture in the Stone Town of Ibo has emerged from a blend of impacts from Europe, Arabia, India and Africa. The current urban settlement is a reflection of changing human values in a rich historical and cultural area.

The islands of Ibo, Quisiva and Matemo all show intertwining Swahili, Portuguese, Indian and Arab traditions – huge attractions to tourists from all around the world.

And tourists need accommodation and things to see and do. This magical destination along a magnificent coastline now comes with a choice of world class luxury and eco lodges, island resorts overlooking pristine seas and beaches. Holidays are spent in unspoiled, protected reefs and indigenous vegetation.

Visitors to the Quirimbas Archipelago can choose from an assortment of exciting activities: scuba diving, snorkelling, game fishing, sea kayaking, whale and dolphin watching, mangrove excursions, historical dhow cruises, island exploring with nature walks, spa treatments and beach relaxing. 

Vamizi Community Projects Mozambique Beach Breaks


Vamizi Island is a retreat for those who can afford a luxurious holiday away from it all. Historically it has also been a retreat for people escaping the devastation of the Mozambique civil war.

Vamizi Island has now home to more than 1500 people who live in three villages on the eastern tip of the island – as well as the rich birdlife, forest animals, beach and ocean creatures.

When Vamizi Island was developed more than a decade ago, community involvement in the conservation of the island was always a priority. People and nature are inextricably connected. Tourism is the bottom line to support this ideal.

The “people of the coast” or Mwani people have always been fishing, doing small scale agriculture and animal husbandry to make ends meet. Life in the villages is basic and remarkably traditional. Most people survive by trading fish, caught from dugout canoes, small local sailboats (dhows)or picked off by hand from the island’s reefs. There has never been fresh water on the island, so every drop the community uses is brought in by sailboats to the thatched villages twice a day from the mainland.

These activities form the base of their religious beliefs and core values. It has therefore become crucial to introduce sustainable methods to support this Vamizi Island community lifestyle in conjunction with new income-generating alternatives such as eco-tourism.

The Vamizi Island Project and the WWF Partnership ensure that the wonderful biodiversity on and around Vamizi island is conserved along with the people’s lifestyle and dependency on the sea.

The Vamizi Island Project recently completed a clinic and a school on Vamizi Island for local families, ensuring better education and health care for all.  Vamizi Island uses regional products to ensure that any future investment stays on the island and only employs people from Vamizi or neighbouring coastal villages.

With the help of Vamizi’s resident community officer a long-term strategy has been put in place allowing the community to make decisions and actively participate through a selected local committee of community shareholders, elected and approved in accordance with local Mozambican government.

The Friends of Vamizi Trust

The Friends of Vamiz Trust was established in early 2012 to fundraise and support the work of the Community Team and the WWF who manage and carry out the community and conservation projects on Vamizi Island. These projects include alternative and sustainable sources of income, environmental education policies, sustainable community run initiatives, and conservation through community input.

The intended outcome is strong self-governed community institutions, independently organized, which govern and protect the local resources.

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A Superb Quirimba Hotel and Resort


Do you want to stay in a superb Quirimba Hotel and Resort situated on a unique floating island in the heart of Mozambique’s northern archipelago region? Surrounded by beautiful beaches and a sea so blue it hypnotises you, Vamizi Island is a unique setting made for fantasy and exclusive escape from real life.

Vamizi exceeds all expectations. Superb in more senses than one, this island resort features high up on the list of those who care – about relaxing and about the natural environment. Exquisite kitalis are very spacious, ideally situated within delightful surrounds and feature amazing beds, linen and en-suite bathrooms. Learn more about superb Vamizi accommodation here.

Everything is quality and unique and professional staff smile all the while and ensure your holiday is nothing short of perfect at this superb Quirimba Hotel and Resort. Food is so good that you will find it hard to diet or to leave – top class chefs create wonderful edible works of art, mostly fresh and from the sea!

On the superb Vamizi island, you are so secluded you feel as if you have the entire island to yourself. You rarely see other guests and start to believe you are on a desert island – except that the utter luxury of the fittings and facilities remind you that you are indeed in paradise. There is no better hotel in the Quirimba Archipelago for a holiday completely removed from it all.

Enjoy a delicious breakfast then spend your day walking the island, snorkelling and watching turtles lay their eggs – the ‘Vamizi Island Project’ was created to actively monitor the wildlife on and around the island, to educate the community and to ensure tourism and conservation work hand in hand.

Diving at the superb Vamizi Island in the Quirimba Archipelago is a very special experience because Vamizi guests have the dive sites to themselves. Dives are fast and breath-taking, with sightings of huge varieties of marine species in a giant ocean aquarium.  Divers are guaranteed views of giant potato cod in huge groups, grey reef sharks, snapper and batfish, turtles, barracuda and other wonderful fish.

Call this a hotel or a resort – it is mostly a desert island lodge where superb villas house you, body and mind, for a few days. The island attracts visitors from across the globe to experience something different, something truly African and something decadent yet natural. You are alone on an island but surrounded by wonderful facilities and food and things to do – or not do.

Book your little piece of paradise today and find yourself getting away from real life, just for a bit. Contact one of our consultants to assist you.