Activities on Vamizi Island

Getting some adventure activity on Vamizi Island is easy in a grand sort of way. If you are keen to see pristine Mozambique reefs in their original rainbow glory, grab a fishing rod, don a scuba diving kit and fit on those goggles. This region literally hums with beauty and life.

YIN AND YANG FOR BALANCE…  Pampering massages in the spa balance the yin and yang – body, mind and spirit and keep desert islanders busy in an indulgent sort of way. An Ashtanga yoga teacher is on hand to teach daily yoga sequences to guests. Or go for a range of deeply relaxing or rejuvenating treatments to aid your relaxation process.

OCEAN ADVENTURES…  Sunset cruises on traditional dhow sailboats or rides on estuary boats – experience a different way of seeing wildlife. The water beneath the boat is so clear that you can see all the fish and coral beneath you. Meander through the mangrove trees in search of Kingfishers and Green herons. Hobie cats are another option for that wind-in-the-hair free feeling.

FOREST EXPLORATIONS AND WILDLIFE…  Forest trails or beach walks meander through the coastal forest and along the beach. Stop off in deserted sandy coves for cooling dips in clear waters. On the way, look out for Samango monkeys and giant Coconut crabs as well as a multitude of forest and coastal birds.

PICNICS AND TURTLES…  Arrange your tailor made luxurious picnic somewhere secret on the island. Honeymooners love the lighthouse on the easternmost side of the island the ultimate desert island experience. Don’t forget that Vamizi Island is home to Green and Hawksbill turtles. Get there in season and you may be lucky enough to witness the Green turtles coming up onto the beach to nest.