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Near and Far, Catch a Fish at Vamizi Island

Spectacular drop-offs just one kilometre from the shore mean the main fishing grounds are between 10 minutes and 45 minutes away. The world-famous St. Lazarus Banks, just 86 nautical miles from Vamizi beaches, is home to large populations of blue water game fish including Yellowfin and Dogtooth tuna, Wahoo and Dorado, Marlin and Sailfish. Fishing disciplines practiced at Vamizi include trolling/ trawling, jigging, live bait, popping, drop shot, bottom fishing and blue water fly-fishing.

Catch and Release Only

Vamizi Island fishermen are conservation-conscious. So shore-based fishing is only done on a catch and release basis. This ensures fish stocks rise in the future. Garfish, Milkfish and Needlescale queenfish are commonly caught off the shore. Bonefish will benefit from community conservation projects, involving the local fishermen, so that stocks rise very quickly.

Boats to Beat the Blues

A 28-foot Magnum is the queen of the Vamizi Island fleet. Equipped with the latest electronics, this boat is designed to withstand the wildest oceans whilst ensuring the most comfortable ride. There are other smaller uncovered boats which can be used inshore, closer in to the island. All fishing tackle used is top of the range, up to date and of the highest quality.

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